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S/V Kallista #2

November 12th – 21st 2011

Atlantic Ocean – Gulf Stream Crossing

After over a month of prep work, Kallista embarked on an offshore cruise down to St. John (U.S.V.I.), with a midway stop in Bermuda. Saturday the 12th we hit the diminishing winds and high seas of tropical storm Sean as we headed out of Salem, MA around Cape Cod. Everyone ended up getting seasick during the first few days except me.  We were sailing close-hauled up to 40 knots of wind with the 15 seas. With the wind and waves off our bow trying to keep them on the quarter, it was a difficult few days at sea.  On Tuesday November 15th we made it to the Gulf Stream, a swift ocean current that originates from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico off the tip of Florida and drifts northeast towards Newfoundland. It felt so good to reach, as if it were a milestone we had accomplished. It felt even better to know that we were not  alone, dolphins immediately came to our starboard-side as if to guide us south 180 degrees to our destination. Seeing those dolphins rejuvenated our souls.


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