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St. Georges, Bermuda

On Monday November 21st we spotted land, and entered the port of St. Georges, Bermuda. As soon as we checked into customs, I let the others know that I would not be continuing with Kallista. I left the boat and checked in with the dockmaster, Sanda, one of the kindest women I ever met. She hooked me up with a good Samaritan named Shelly, another one of the kindest women I have ever met. Shelly runs the Samaritan’s Cottage, a historical building and refuge for sailors like me.  She even picked me up from Ordnance Island after picking up her daughter from school. I find that the people of Bermuda are kind and welcoming. Young kids ride the buses by themselves without fear; I ride the bus alongside friends with anxiety. All and all I am just amazed by this country; there roads, their people, and the amount of bugs in the nice place I am staying.

On Tuesday November 22nd I met Raymond Lillie of Islesboro, ME. He was in the Caribbean 1500 from Hampton, VA to Tortola. After having a rough passage with damage to their boat, they decided to divert to Bermuda for repair. The crew isn’t able to continue so he invited Jean Phillipe and I onto their Catamaran as crew for the 2nd passage down to Tortola.

I recommend traveling the way I am, by boat, because you will end up meeting others that make your trip worth while.

Wednesday November 23rd, 2011 (A day in St. Georges, Bermuda)


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