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St. John

On December 11th, 2011 I left Cool Change, Ray and Renee, JP, and Nanny Cay and took the ferry from the West End, Tortola to Cruz Bay, St. John. Finally, I reached my goal in making it to the U.S. Virgin Islands. I waited with my luggage outside of Customs for my friend Allie. As I long-boarded the parking lot at Customs, I thought about my trip, how I had sailed almost 2000 miles to (a) look for work, (b) come see this girl, not knowing what to expect. Allie was a good friend of mine, who I had met on Block Island in the summer of 2010. It felt so good to see her again. She lives in a studio apartment just outside Cruz Bay. We talked all night and drank champagne. The next morning I influenced JP to come over and stay with us, so we picked him up at the ferry and headed off to the beach. Allie took us to her favorite snorkel spot at Maho Bay.  She found a Conch and I told her to throw it…she shouldn’t have listened to a word I said.


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