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Atlantic; or, Life on the Water


S/V Kallista #3

Thursday November 17th 2011

The scariest night in my life…

After crossing the gulf stream over a day ago, we were still experiencing high seas and wind. The deteriorating low front was taking awhile to break up. We were all getting fed up with the conditions, and it was starting to show on our character. One night after I ended my watch Jean Phillipe took over and immediately something didn’t feel right. I was in the forward cabin, which is the worst place to be in rough seas. I could hear shouting as I tried to get to sleep. Capt. John had awoken at the start of Jean Phillipe’s watch because of the constant banging of the hull. John lashed out at Jean Phillipe and I knew tonight was not going to be a good night. I later got up, fed up with hearing them argue. Jean Phillipe was certain something was wrong with the rudder, it was unresponsive, he had know control. I had run into this issue on a previous boat. The Auto Pilot which we had been using had drained the hydraulic fluid from its tank.

Later that night, after pulling in the sails and deciding to motor, our motor cut out and we were adrift in the Atlantic ocean till morning. It was too rough and we were all too exhausted to continue making headway.  We found out that two of the three diesel tanks had been taking on water and were not for the time being unusable.

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